Frequently asked questions

will aac be the "Home pool" of only one team?

AAC is its own not-for-profit organization that will rent water to any team that wants or needs it to practice, train, compete, or host competitions. Competitive teams and clubs (such as USA, Varsity, home school, college, masters, synchronized swimming; diving; water polo; Special Olympic; and Paralympic teams) will rent lanes from AAC.

With 22 lanes available during the short course swim season, AAC fully anticipates there will be more than one USA swim team practicing in the largest of the four pools at the same time. While that is uncommon in our area right now, that is common practice in other parts of the country. Indeed, with the cost to operate a facility such as AAC, one team would not be able to foot the bill on its own.

AAC's goal is to have a happy, positive, pro-aquatic energy that elevates all aquatic sports and athletes in the Adirondack District LSC.

How will AAC be different from a fitness center?

The Adirondack Aquatic Center will focus specifically on aquatic sports, with four pools of varying temperatures and depths to satisfy all customers’ needs. Use of AAC for fitness, recreation, instruction, training, and competition will revolve solely around aquatics.

how will AAC be different from a country club?

The general public will be able to access and utilize the Adirondack Aquatic Center in a variety of ways, at rates commensurate with the activity. Individuals can use the facility as:
1. A member of AAC (annual membership)
2. A member of a club, team, or organization that rents water and/or space in the facility
3. A participant in Learn-to-Swim or other aquatic instruction program(s)
4. A client of the aquatic therapy pool
5. A day-user
6. A spectator at aquatic events and competitions

will AAC negatively impact membership or usage of community pools?

AAC will be an additional venue for indoor aquatic activities in the greater Capital Region. The existing facilities are still necessary to meet the current market demand. The feasibility study conducted in August 2013 showed that the Greater Capital Region's population is under-served in terms of year-round, indoor, accessible water. There is a demand for water that is not being met – people who want to participate in aquatic activities are often stumped because of lack of time or space or the appropriate type of facility.

...But It's not in the adirondacks

It is surprising how large of a geographic area the local governing bodies of national affiliations, like USA Swimming, cover. For instance Adirondack Swimming Inc., (aka Adirondack District) extends from Plattsburgh to New Paltz, and Western Massachusetts to Canajoharie. The Adirondack Aquatic Center will be located in the center of this region, with proximity to major roads, railways, airports, hotels, and restaurants that can accommodate 4,500+ athletes and their families for larger competitions.

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